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Town Governments

Town Councils appoint Town Mayor candidates based on decisions based on those of the residents of the town. Residents form committees to expose their views and decisions to Town Courts, who can state whether the views and decisions are constitutional to the Esratorian Galactic City Bill in the Esratorian Galactic Constitution. If the Town Courts find the town resident committees' views or decisions unconstitutional, they may either not expose them or change them to make them constitutional. The Town Courts may expose the residents' decisions through multiple ballots and exposures, resulting in the final candidates being appointed by the Town Councils. The Mayor that is still in office plays a role in the election, where he or she or it exposes the appointed candidates to the Secondary Town Courts who approve them. Members from special committees have to follow the mayor around to make sure he does not change appointments. Then, an official ballot is commenced, and residents vote. There are four parties: Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and Neutrals.

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